Vendor Registration Application

Vendor registration fee is $20

Once you succesfully complete the form below, you will be taken to a page where you will be given further instructions how to pay (Please read market rules & regulations to the right before completing this application)

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1). Vendor Information

Are you a seasonal vendor? : yes no

2). Please indicate preferred participation dates (three dates minimum)

February 28 March 7 March 14 March 21 March 28 April 4 April 11 April 18 April 25 May 2 May 9 May 16 May 23 May 30 June 6 June 13

3). Please select a business category. You will be able to be more specific on the next question

Farmer’s Market Items
Home Decor

4). Please describe the items that you grow or produce or create and intend to sell product at the marketplace. You will be you restricted to these items, but not obligated to bring them.

December 16, 2018 : Today's Date

By digitally signing and submitting this Registration, we confirm that we have carefully read the Marketplace at Armstrong Park Rules, Regulations and Guidelines and the attached Rules and Processes relating to the Credit/Debit and EBT market money based charging system established by the Market and agree to comply with them in all respects. We also agree to provide 1.) An updated copy of your city/parish occupational license to conduct vendor business required herein,



  • The Marketplace at Armstrong Park is located on the sidewalk of in front of Armstrong Park.
  • Vendor Parking is available on the street at meters for unloading & loading only.
  • Vendors may park on Rampart Street.  Cost of parking for a 4 -hour period is $6.00.  I CD will cover 2 hours (maximum of $3.00).
  • The Marketplace at Armstrong Park shall control ALL publicity and materials relative to the Market.
  • The Marketplace at Armstrong Park team will have the final authority regarding the acceptance or rejection of vendors and their products.
  • Marketplace space rental fee will be a FLAT $20 per date for ALL vendors
  • Sub-leasing is NOT permitted
  • To encourage a desired stable group of vendors at the market, we can accept space payment for up to 2 months at a time
  • If not paid in advance, fees can be paid the day of the market. Checks shall be payable to the Institute for Community Development.
  • Revenues from vendors’ sales will be retained by the vendors. Collecting and paying the appropriate city and state sales taxes on all items sold is the responsibility of the vendors.


  • Fireworks, firearms, knives
  • Any type of alcohol, drugs/paraphernalia, tobacco products of any kind, or pharmaceuticals, legal or otherwise
  • Stolen merchandise of any kind
  • CDs, DVDs, videos which are pirated or dubbed
  • Mass produced items sold in bulk (ex: t-shirts, sunglasses, posters, etc.)
  • Pornographic materials
  • Any items that by sale or possession are in violation of city, parish, state or federal laws


Persons who handcraft products for sale may sell as artisans. Artisans are pre-screened (juried) to assure that they are creating a quality product that fits into the market theme. Originality of design, creative use of material, level of difficulty, variety of work and overall contribution to market balance will be discussed and a decision will be made whether or not to allow an applicant to become a vendor at the Marketplace at Armstrong Park (MAP). MAP team members will review and categorize all applications, then compile their results.

All artwork, craftwork and handiwork sold must be the original hand-made creation of the vendor. Vendors are not permitted to re-sell commercially produced items with the exception of vintage jewelry and repurposed goods after being vetted through a juried process.  Manufactured items can only be used as components of handcrafted work. Reproductions in the form of books, cards, calendars, t-shirts, prints, etc. will not be allowed except under certain circumstances and on a case by case review.

Vendor Guidelines

  • Vendor recognizes that being a vendor in the Market is a privilege and will use their best efforts, if a seasonal vendor, to attend all Markets
  • Taxes shall be the sole responsibility of the vendor
  • Vendor pets are not allowed
  • Vendors shall establish retail, not wholesale prices
  • Vendors shall maintain general liability insurance.
  • Seasonal vendors shall provide a proof of current insurance with the Vendor Registration Form
  • All vendors shall, and by these Rules, Regulations and Guidelines do, indemnify, hold harmless and defend the Institute of Community Development, its partners, volunteers, employees, from and against any loss, liability, cause of action, or claim for personal injury, property damage, or loss of life or property arising from the actions of the vendor
  • All vendors are required to meet all applicable Louisiana federal and state rules and regulations
  • All vendor generated waste must be removed from the Market by the vendor
  • Vendor’s vehicles shall be operated in a manner to not cause damage city streets/sidewalks
  • All vendors shall participate in, and follow the attached Rules and Processes relating to, the
  • Credit/Debit and EBT/SNAP token based charging system established by the Market.
  • Vendor shall assure that all of the vendor’s representatives in the Market are familiar with these Rules, Regulations and Guidelines and the attached Rules and Processes relating to, the Credit/Debit and EBT token based charging system established by the Market


Vendors must display a sign with vendor name and city clearly visible to the public having a minimum size of 11” x 17”

Truth in Advertising :

  • any edible product sold as “homegrown” must be grown by and at the farm renting the space in the market
  • any edible product sold as “organic” must be certified organic
  • any edible product sold and not grown by or at the farm renting the space in the Market, but grown in Louisiana, must be labeled accordingly (ex. Grown in Louisiana, must be labeled accordingly.
  • any edible product being sold and grown out of the State of Louisiana shall be labeled with a state of origin and designation of the farm out of the State of Louisiana where grown

Booth/Tent Policies/Procedures

  • No electricity will be provided for booths
  • White EZ pop-up10 X 10 tents are allowed and preferred.
  • All vendors at the Marketplace at Armstrong Park must comply with the City of New Orleans safe food handling and tax guidelines, rules and laws
  • The booth must be occupied by the vendor or one of their designated representatives at all times while the Market is open
  • Separate vendors may not share booth space; however, if two or more artists work together to produce one product they may apply as a team
  • Spaces are first come first serve unless you pay a month in advance.
  • Vendors shall set-up NO EARLIER than 2:00PM and NO LATER than 2:45PM.
  • After 2:45PM., late or no-shows will not be allowed to vend and fee is forfeited. Winter hours set up time is no earlier than 1:00 pm and no later than 1:45 pm.

Booth/Tent Policies/Procedures (con't.)

  • No unloading 15 minutes prior to opening; Booths must be ready before the start of market.
  • Vendors begin take-down fifteen minutes prior to the close of market and are responsible for the cleanliness of their areas during AND after operation; public receptacles are NOT for vendors’ disposal of market waste
  • When the Market Manager determines that a vendor has violated any provision that undermines the smooth operation of the Market, a vendor may receive penalties for the following actions:
    • No call-No show vendors will receive a 1-month suspension
    • No selling before or after the designated times or leaving early
    • Failure to pay rent; vendors cannot return until rent is received
    • The market allows for Acts of God (flat tire, equipment failure, etc.) In those cases call the Market Manager immediately

Credit/Debit and EBT Card Process and Rules:

Credit/Debit and EBT Card Process:

  • Customers with Credit/Debit or EBT cards decide how much money they would like to spend at the market
  • Customer visits the Welcome table booth and tells the staff person how much he/she wants to spend. Market staff processes card transaction for that amount.
  • Customer is giving wooden tokens in $5 increments for Credit/Debit and $1 increments for EBT cards for the amount he/she has chosen to spend. Tokens will be clearly marked with Credit/Debit or EBT Card to differentiate.
  • Customer spends tokens with any participating vendor in whole dollar increments only. Vendors are encouraged to round up/round down or adjust quantity of food to best match whole dollar increments. Vendors can give users of Credit/Debit tokens change in cash if requested. EBT token users cannot receive change.
  • Customer can save unspent tokens to be used at future date.
  • Vendor turns in market money at the end of the market day at a specific time to be identified from time to time by the Market Manager. The return of market money shall be in an envelope provided by the Market Manager with the count noted on a form provided. Market staff will count and confirm the market money and provide the vendor with a receipt for the same. Vendors are recommended to keep their own records of total redeemed each day.
  • Market manager will turn in market money & totals from each vendor at the close of market.
  • Vendor checks will be processed upon submission and verification of count by Market manager.

Rules Applicable to Accepting EBT Card Tokens:

  • EBT cards and their related tokens can buy: vegetables, fruit, dairy products, meat, eggs, bread, jam, and pastries. They may also buy seeds or plants that produce food (i.e.: tomato or parsley plants).
  • EBT cards and their related tokens cannot buy: hot food, cut flowers, decorative plants, pet food, or non-food items. These items may be purchased with Credit/Debit card tokens only.
  • It is ILLEGAL to exchange cash for EBT benefits.
  • Vendors who are authorized to accept EBT Card tokens must display the EBT card sign provided, identifying the vendor’s stall as an authorized EBT card vendor.

Rules Applicable to Accepting Credit/Debit Card Tokens:

  • Only Visa, Master Card and Discover cards are accepted. The Market does not accept American Express or any other cards.
  • No vendor will charge any fees or penalties to customers using Credit/Debit card tokens.


All authorized vendors participating in the Marketplace at Armstrong Park shall be individually and severally responsible to the Marketplace at Armstrong Park and its Fiscal Agent (the Institute of Community Development) for any loss, personal injury, sickness, deaths, or any other damage that may occur as a result of the vendors negligence or that of their servants, agents, employees; and all vendors hereby agree to indemnify and save the Marketplace at Armstrong Park and its Fiscal Agent (the Institute of Community Development) harmless from any loss, cost, damages, and other expenses, including attorney fees, suffered or incurred by the Marketplace at Armstrong Park by reason of the vendors negligence or that of its servants, agents and employees; provided that the vendors shall not be responsible nor required to indemnify the Marketplace at Armstrong Park for negligence, its servants, agents and employees. Because no insurance is provided to participants in the Marketplace at Armstrong Park, each vendor is responsible for his/her own product liability insurance.

Vendors will not cause or permit any changes, alterations, repairs, painting or staining of any part of the spaces or grounds or furnishing or the equipment thereof, nor permit to be done anything that will damage or change the finish or appearance of any of the Lot. Vendors will pay the costs of repairing any damage done to the lot property or any fixtures thereof by any act of vendor/artist or any of the artist’s employees. The Market Manager of Marketplace at Armstrong Park and or Executive Director of ICD shall determine whether any damage has been done, the amount of the damage, and the reasonable costs of repairing it, and whether it is one for which under the terms of this agreement, the artist is to be held responsible. The Market Manager’s and or ICD’s Executive Director’s decision is final.

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